VQCC participates in the IV
Ciclo de Conferencias Aida Fernández Ríos


Prof. Marcos Curty, from VQCC, gave an invited seminar entitled “The second quantum revolution: How will the computers and communications of the future be like?” at the IV Ciclo de Conferencias Aida Fernández Ríos organised by the Diputación de Pontevedra and the Real Academia Galega de Ciencias on June 1st, 2023.

We are immersed in the second quantum revolution, which will dictate the way in which we will process and transmit information in the 21st century, just as the first quantum revolution already did with the information technologies of the 20th century. Technological giants such as Google, IBM or Microsoft are competing to be the first to develop a large-scale quantum computer, with applications in biomedicine, chemistry or artificial intelligence. Indeed, in 2019, Google claimed to have achieved the first experimental demonstration of so-called quantum supremacy. That is, being able to use a quantum computer to solve a problem that is impossible for a conventional computer to solve. Likewise, this year IBM has introduced the world’s most powerful quantum processor, the Osprey, which has 433 quantum bits. Europe plans to deploy a continental-wide quantum communications network in the next decade to protect our most valuable secrets with quantum key distribution technology, as other countries are already doing.

In his talk, Prof. Marcos Curty discussed these and other related questions to illustrate how quantum mechanics will radically change the way we process and share information in the near future.