The VQCC at the
Quantum Communication Innovation Forum


The VQCC participated in the Quantum Communication Innovation Forum organised by the consortium EuroQCI-Spain at the B Accelerator Tower in Bilbao on November 28-29, 2023. There, Prof. Marcos Curty from VQCC gave an invited talk in which he presented our center to principal representatives of the Spanish ecosystem in quantum technologies. 

EuroQCI-Spain is focused on the development and deployment of quantum communication technology in Spain within the framework of the European Quantum Communications Infrastructure (EuroQCI), an European initiative that will seek to deploy secure quantum communications in our continent in the next decade. The principal objectives of the Forum held in Bilbao were to bring together research experts from Academia with key players of the European and Spanish quantum industry, to discuss future challenges in the deployment of secure quantum communications in Europe, and to exchange ideas and establish synergies to address and overcome these challenges, as well as to contribute to the EuroQCI initiative.

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