Two new postdoctoral
researchers join the VQCC


Guillermo Currás-Lorenzo and Margarida Pereira are the two new postdoctoral researchers joining the VQCC from Toyama University in Japan, where they worked as postdoctoral fellows in the group of Prof. Kiyoshi Tamaki.

Guillermo was awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions grant in 2017 to pursue his PhD in quantum cryptography at the University of Leeds, working under the guidance of Prof. Mohsen Razavi. He successfully defended his thesis in 2021 and received the prize for the best thesis in the School of Electrical Engineering that year.

Margarida obtained an integrated master’s degree in theoretical physics in 2017 from the University of Glasgow, where she earned first-class honours. Then, she joined the group of Prof. Marcos Curty at the University of Vigo to pursue a PhD in quantum cryptography, also funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions grant. She graduated in 2021 and received the Extraordinary PhD Award from the University of Vigo.

At the VQCC they will join Prof. Marcos Curty’s theory group and will work on the security of QKD systems.

Undoubtedly, their professional careers and excellence will bring a lot of value to our center. We welcome them and wish their time here to be full of success!