The VQCC at the “Innovacción” supplement
from Atlántico Diario and La Región.


The newspapers Atlántico Diario and La Región dedicate their whole “Innovacción” supplement corresponding to October 2023, to the various activities that are currently being developed in Galicia around quantum technologies. 

This includes, for instance, the recent purchase of a 14 Million Euros quantum computer, so-called Qmio, by the Galician Supercomputing Center. Developed by the Japanese technological company Fujitsu, it is equipped with 32 qubits, which makes it the most powerful quantum computer operating in the southern part of Europe. Also, the “Innovacción” supplement introduces the recently created Galician network for quantum technologies, promoted by the Galician Innovation Agency, and which was born with the objective of facilitating the development of a complete ecosystem around quantum technologies in Galicia, together with the Vigo Quantum Communication Center, whose objectives and structure are described in great detail, with special emphasis on the international prestige and visibility of the lead researchers of the center. It is expected that all these activities will place Galicia at the forefront of research and innovation in quantum technologies in the next decade.    

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