The VQCC at the CLEO/Europe
– EQEC Conference in Munich.


A predoctoral researcher at the VQCC, has recently participated in three international scientific events. Firstly, he took part in the CLEO/Europe-EQEC conference, a major and comprehensive gathering of optics and photonics researchers, engineers, and experts in the field. The event was held in Munich from the 26th to the 30th of June. 

Daniil Trefilov contributed with a poster titled “Resilience of Quantum Key Distribution Source against Laser-Damage Attack by a Variety of Lasers” accumulating the latest research results of the work under the same name that was performed at the Quantum Hacking Lab. 

Later he gave invited talks on the experimental intersymbol intensity correlations effect in BB84 decoy-state QKD systems firstly at the QUANTA International Symposium on Quantum Science and Technology (Changsha, China, 01.07 – 03.07), and then at the 2023 International Workshop on Quantum Information (Zhangjiajie, China, 04.07 – 08.07), where he presented a poster with his recent experimental results as well. Daniil demonstrated the presence of intersymbol intensity correlations in several commercially available BB84 decoy-state QKD systems, which potentially could be a critical loophole in the security of such devices.