Course: Expert in
Quantum Information Technologies


After the first quantum revolution—which led to the development of lasers and
semiconductors—currently science is immersed in the second quantum revolution, which wants to take advantage of all the control achieved in recent decades in the manipulation of individual quantum systems, to significantly improve the technologies that we use to store, process and transmit information.

Among the main applications that should be highlighted are quantum computers—which will allow, among other things, to solve mathematical problems exponentially faster than classical computers, accurately simulate
complex physical systems, or efficiently design molecules and drugs—, and quantum communications—which can guarantee the absolute security of our communications regardless of the computational capacity of a potential attacker.

This course, which is organised by the Open School of Permanent Training at University of Vigo and taught by various researchers from the VQCC and the Telecommunication Engineering School, aims to introduce students to these new technologies, which will be essential in the coming years, and respond to the business demand that requires of competent professionals in quantum technologies.

For more information, please contact the course coordinator: Marcos Curty (